Concert Series Outreach -Columbia, Missouri
West Junior High School
Mack Piano Duo


Vibrant and charming, the Japanese-American duo first introduced themselves to the students, and then extended a welcome for one student to come play his piece for them and the class.

The audience listened on, as one Mack sister followed the music and the other watched the boy’s hands and body closely.
Once the boy finished, both sisters complimented his understanding of emotion and the "rhapsody."

They then made constructive criticisms, and the audience watched as the student improved upon his piece before everyone’s eyes.
Then they called up the second student to play his piece; and the process was repeated with entirely different critiques and improved skill.


Once the performance was over, the Mack sisters eagerly answered various questions from both students and faculty. They described how they got into piano at a young age in Japan; how they continued in the United States; and how they teamed up to become the touring duo they are today.

Yuki and Tomoko continued discussing the pieces with the student performers; and they also relayed opportunities for young talent to perform abroad.